Student Center for Social Innovation

In the summer of 2010, students from across campus came together to realize the need to increase awareness and involvement of social innovation at CU. We decided to create the Student Center for Social Innovation as an umbrella organization to facilitate SI activities on campus and to connect students with opportunities to change the world. 

SCSI promotes and contributes to the field of social entrepreneurship through research, field work, knowledge sharing, community networks, and start-up assistance for student social ventures. We are a multi-disciplinary group that seeks to apply classroom knowledge in solving real world social problems through creative solutions, compassion and dedication.

Achievements so far:
In September, 2010, SCSI officially launched with an event entitled “Possibilities for Our Time.” The evening featured West African Percussion and presentations from five social innovators from: Kissidugu School of Drum and Dance (Guinea), Friendship Bridge Microfinance (Guatemala), Reading Village (Guatemala), Boulder Jalapa Friendship City Project (Nicaragua), and the Unreasonable Institute. 

Meeting times:
We meet Thursdays at 5pm in the Atlas Board Room (2nd Floor of the Atlas Building, go left).

Click here to learn how we are engaging students now, and how you can get involved.